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IAACD, the face of Aesthetic Dentistry in India, is an association of dentists with a clear cut focus on aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry. It has been in existence for over two decades and is recognized internationally, being part of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentists (IFED). Since "Aesthetic Dentistry" is not a part of the general dental curriculum, IAACD strives to bring the latest in this field to educate the dental fraternity and more so its members.

Member dentists who pursue the education program and clear a set of prescribed examinations, achieve the status of "An Accredited IAACD Member" which symbolizes their specialization in Aesthetic Dentistry.

The vision of Dr. Sandesh Mayekar (Founder President) and Dr.A.Kumarswamy (Founder Secretary) saw the launch of the IAACD way back in 1991 on the 10th of August in Goa. There has been no looking back since then. IAACD has been instrumental in bringing international aesthetic dentistry to the shores of India every year. Almost every leading luminary of the Aesthetic Dental world has come to India, deliberated, delivered and contributed in the annual conferences of the IAACD.

Mission Statement

* Keeping the Indian dentist abreast with the latest in Aesthetic Dentistry
* Provide CDE programs in Aesthetic Dentistry to Indian Dentists
* Establish Aesthetic Dentistry in mainstream Indian Dentistry
* Educate the general populace about Aesthetic Dental procedures

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